“Spotlight is a casting directory. We are the platform for casting directors, performers and agents. We are the hub where they can all connect. Casting directors use us to publish jobs that need to be filled and performers use us to get cast for Films, TV and theatre.

It’s really nice to have a bit of a feature and a focus point and it is something that is commented on. On our first two floors we have casting rooms and studios, so a lot of actors and actresses come in and it’s honestly one of the things they comment most about, and enviously. They’re the recipient of a lot of compliments.

It does shout home the message that we are a fun company and this is our brand, and we like to work with companies that have the same sort of ethos as us.

Photocopiers are ultimately a necessity so you might as well have one that looks brilliant and can be a bit of a talking point … so it would be something that I would recommend 100%.”

Rachel, Marketing and Communications Coordinator