• How easy is it to brand a photocopier?

    Short Answer: It’s a tricky process.

    Long Answer: If anyone was to try and brand a machine without the specialist knowledge they could easily damage the machine. We destroyed quite a few machines on our journey to perfecting the branding process!

  • Does it affect how the photocopiers will function?

    Short Answer: No.

    Long Answer: Our materials go through rigorous FUNCTIONALITY TESTING.

    All photocopiers generate heat when they work and if you were to look at a working machine using a thermal heat sensor you would see key heat hot spots. That’s why it’s so important to create a durable covering that will not be affected by heat from the machine, but will also allow the machine to breathe and not to overheat.

  • Can the branding be removed?

    Short Answer: Yes.

    Long Answer: We have spent several years developing a branding material that can be removed at any point, without leaving any residue on the underlying machine. Our material and adhesives undergo AGE TESTING by accelerating the aging process using heat and moisture extraction devices, to simulate the absolute extremes the materials will experience over their lifetime (typically 5+ years).

  • How durable is the material?

    Short Answer: Very.

    Long Answer: The process and specialist materials we use mean that the branding of a machine will easily last the normal lifetime of a photocopier. We STRENGTH TEST our materials to make sure that they do not flake or leave residue on the machines when it comes time to removing the designs.

  • How much does it cost to brand a machine?

    Short Answer: Not much.

    Long Answer: The cost of branding a machine is included in the purchase price or leasing price of a machine but invariably is only a very small percentage of the overall purchase prices (typically 2-4%). When you consider how great they look and how long you usually lease a machine for it’s a no brainer!

    (For more information on purchase/leasing visit our parent company, Four Digital Solutions).

Any other questions

Please contact us on info@brandedcopier.co.uk or call our parent company, Four Digital Solutions on 020 3176 7100.